Nginx reverse proxy for TFTP UDP port 69 traffic

Vladimir Homutov vl at
Tue Mar 7 21:58:06 UTC 2017

On 08.03.2017 00:21, Eric Feldhusen wrote:
> I’m trying to use Nginx to reverse proxy TFTP UDP port 69 traffic and
> I”m having a problem with getting files through the nginx reverse proxy.
> My configuration is simple, I’m running TFTP on one Centos 6.x server
> and the Nginx reserve proxy on another Centos 6.x server with the latest
> Nginx mainline 1.11.10 from the <> repository.
> TFTP connections to the TFTP server directly work.  Using the same
> commands through the Nginx reverse proxy, connects, but will not
> download or upload a file through it.
> If you have any suggestions, I’d appreciate a nudge in the right
> direction.  I’m assuming it’s something I’m missing.
> Eric Feldhusen

Unfortunately, TFTP will not work, because it requires
that after initial server's reply client will send packets
to the port, chosen by server (i.e. not 69. but some auto-assigned).
also, TFTP server recognizes clients by its source port and
it changes when a packet passes proxy - each packet is originating
from a new source port on proxy.

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