Reverse Proxy with 500k connections

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Mon Mar 13 14:22:09 UTC 2017

Hi Guys,

we solved the problem and I wanted to give you feedback about the solution.
Finally it was an problem with our linux ip routes.
After implementing source based policy routing this nginx configuration

Thank you for your support!

Kind Regards

Summary of Solution:

split_clients "${remote_addr}${remote_port}AAAA" $source_ip {

server {
  listen              443 ssl backlog=163840;
  proxy_bind          $source_ip;

ip rule ls
0:	from all lookup local 
32754:	from lookup es-source-eth9 
32756:	from lookup es-source-eth0 
32766:	from all lookup main 
32767:	from all lookup default 

ip route list table es-source-eth9 dev eth9  scope link

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