Illumos/SmartOS/Solaris issue when using eventport and keepalive at the same time

James list at
Sat Mar 18 11:14:03 UTC 2017

On 17/03/2017 13:09, Maxim Dounin wrote:


> There are problems with eventport implementation, known for at
> least several years now, and these can be easily reproduced by
> running our test suite with 'use eventport' added to test
> configurations.  If I recall correctly, upstream keepalive is not
> something important to trigger problems, any connection to an
> upstream is basically enough.
> Unfortunately, these problems are very low priority due to
> minor popularity of Solaris.  Consider using /dev/poll instead,
> which is the default, well tested and has no known problems.

I accept all that but learnt the hard way myself.  Perhaps the docs 
could not recommend eventport with Solaris and warn against its use for 
now.  eg:



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