Strange LAN access error

Tolga Ceylan tolga.ceylan at
Sat Mar 25 20:58:41 UTC 2017

This is difficult to assess without specific details of your environment, but
assuming that your http headers are not really that large, 414 could be a sign
that you perhaps have a loop somewhere and forwarding requests between
your servers until you hit 414.

Again this is assuming that you have a 'proxy-set-header' in one of
these proxies,
which eventually overflows the http header. Perhaps your local LAN DNS is not
setup correctly, so your router and/or proxies form a traffic loop.

On Sat, Mar 25, 2017 at 8:59 AM, Joe Curtis <joecurtis at> wrote:
> On my LAN I have 3 windows 10 pc's, 1 Linux PC( Fedora 25 with apache2), 1
> Raspberry Pi2b (Moode audio) and 2 Raspberry Pi3B's( NGINX), all behind a
> TalkTalk router with a mixture of ethernet and Wi-Fi links. One of the
> Pi3B's is running Cumulus software linked to a weather station and has a
> nginx sever hosting a weather web site ( The
> other Pi3B has a nginx server acting as proxy server to pass weather
> requests to the weather Pi3 or to a community site on the fedora machine as
> appropriate. The second Pi3 in addition to acting as a proxy server also
> hosts its own (development) web site.
> I can get to all the web sites externally from the WAN but have hit a snag
> accessing locally on the LAN. Using a browser (Firefox) on one of the pc's I
> can get to the Fedora server or the weather Pi3 server using the LAN ip
> address without a problem, if I try the lan address of the other Pi3 the
> browser appends many hundreds of times to the URI
> until I get a '414 Request-URI Too Large' error message from the nginx
> server (1.10.3).
> Any help getting to the bottom of this problem would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Joe Curtis
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