how to proxy a proxy (subrequest with corporate proxy)

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Thu Mar 30 22:13:59 UTC 2017


Our custom nginx module implements a number of subrequests (REST calls to
other servers to obtain data for our business logic). Everything is working
correctly, except one customer requires a corporate HTTP web proxy for the
URL (running on a different server) that our subrequests will be hitting.
It's not clear to us how to configure a "web proxy" for a subrequest, since
the subrequest itself is already basically a "proxy" call.

Our subrequests would look like this:

location /subrequest {
    proxy_pass http://rest_server/...;

We're aware of this kind of thing for the main request... but unclear if/how
it applies to subrequests?

http {
  upstream corporate_proxy  {
  server {
    location /custom/main/request/url {
          proxy_buffering off;
          proxy_pass_header on;
          proxy_set_header Host "";
          proxy_pass http://corporate_proxy;

How would we force the subrequest to use the corporate proxy?


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