You can speak at nginx conference this September in Portland.

Nick Shadrin nick at
Tue May 2 17:17:27 UTC 2017

NGINX conference will be held in Portland, Oregon (USA) this September 6th-8th.

This is a highly technical event where you will join the most skilled professionals
in today's web technology, including the founders and core engineers of NGINX.

You are experienced in high performance, web tech, devops, and HTTP,
now please share your thoughts among your peers in this technology event.

Call for proposals is open now, and will be extended until May 25th. 

Here's what you need:

Conference website: <>
Proposals submitted here: <>

Topics below are merely suggestions:

Architecture & Development

	• Microservices-based applications
	• Migrating to NGINX from hardware or other software solutions
	• Auto-scaling systems and infrastructure
	• IoT and embedded systems

High-Performance Web

	• Architecture of high performance web apps
	• Tuning of operating systems and network
	• Caching, sharding, replication
	• Storage and filesystems
	• Reducing app latency

Operations & Deployment

	• Adopting continuous integration and deployment
	• Monitoring and observability of modern applications
	• Configuration management
	• Custom tooling/wiring examples built around NGINX to support CI/CD

Case Studies

	• Insights and best practices from real-world deployments
	• Running hybrid cloud and on-premises systems
	• Organizational changes when adopting microservices
	• Adopting containerization

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