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Antonio González mantoak at
Fri May 5 11:20:17 UTC 2017

I have an application in codeigniter.

This same application has a common code made in codeigniter and then
distributed in subdirectories each of which has a configuration, but
all pull the same common code.

The problem I have is that the application used to run in apache and
everything works correctly using the .htaccess.
Now I'm migrating the application to nginx and everything works fine
if we put the index.php
(eg Farmaciacm / index.php / dashboard)
but if I remove it does not work.

I have tried several configurations in nginx but none solves the problem.

I would need someone with nginx knowledge to see if I applied a proper
configuration to be able to run the application without the index.php.
The structure I have of directories is: the project root is
in /home_datos/fisiotes/domains/
subdirectories are:
/ quadromandos / -> common code for all applications
(codeigniter, but only for code , Etc.)

/ farmaciacm / -> an application (here if there is an index.php)

/ farmaciacm1 / -> another application (here if there is an index.php)

In root there is no code, Everything is in subdirectories.

A greeting.

de virus.
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