Docker client gets 405 error in nginx during docker push/pull

Syed Imran smart.imran003 at
Sun May 7 10:20:07 UTC 2017

HI All,

Below is my issue, I have contacted artifactory support already and no much
help from them, if someone can help me with this, will be of great help.

Described my issue here.

I have already tried to increase the nginx proxy timeout from default value
90 to 4000sec.

Now i have started getting the below error for that. (500 error) in Jenkins

*+ docker push
*The push refers to a repository [
*Error: Status 500 trying to push repository controller-platform:
"<html>\r\n<head><title>500 Internal Server Error</title></head>\r\n<body
bgcolor=\"white\">\r\n<center><h1>500 Internal Server

Snippet from nginx error is as below,

*2017/04/26 20:18:22 [error] 7#7: *34966 open() "/etc/nginx/html/v1/_ping"
failed (2: No such file or directory), client:, server:, request: "GET /v1/_ping HTTP/1.1", host: "

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