Can you migrate a web app available via '/' to a proxied sub-URI without modifying the web app?

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Tue May 9 20:26:22 UTC 2017

On Tue, May 09, 2017 at 09:03:13AM -0400, itpp2012 wrote:
> Francis Daly Wrote:

Hi there,

> > It cannot work in stock nginx just using nginx.conf normal directives.
> You can with (many) proper rewrites but this does require a very close eye
> on the logfiles until you have rewritten all the 40x's, and for the sake of
> performance eventually have them converted to a sequence of maps.

>From the original mail:

If it was only one web application I could setup location
blocks for specific patterns, but if I plan on running multiple web
applications on a single FQDN (perhaps even different instances of the
same web app), each in a separate sub-URI, those web applications
might all make requests to '/static/styles.css' based on their
original configuration.

nginx gets a request for /static/styles.css.

I'm not aware of a rewrite which will let you decide which of web-app-1
and web-app-2 is the correct one to proxy_pass this request to this
time. Both web apps use the same url.

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