proxy_upstream_next while no live upstreams

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Wed May 10 14:27:16 UTC 2017

Thanks for the answer.

Maybe you miss something in Question 2. The server never fails.
I think nginx should not return 502 if there is at least one server never fails.
Exactly speaking, the server never fails in the last 1 hour and the fail_timeout is the default 10 second.

>> Question 2: (not related with Question 1)
>> In my production environment, is UP, and 
>> is DOWN.
>> There are few access logs with $upstream_addr as ", 
>> test", and $status as 502.
>> There were no error logs of connecting/reading fails 
>> which mean this server is UP, so I think the request should try 
>> after
>> But it does not try, and just log "no live upstream" 
>> and return 502.
>> The logs like this are very few, and I can not re-produce this 
>> or debug it.
>> I just ask it here in case someone else know the problem.
>See above, this is exactly what is expected to happen when a 
>request to upstream server fails.  The 502 / "no live upstream" 
>you are seeing is a result of all servers considered unavailable.  
>There are only few such errors as you are using nginx 1.8.1, which 
>quickly resets failure counters of all servers in such situation.  
>With recent nginx versions, 502 errors will be returned till 
>fail_timeout expiration.
>If you want nginx to completely ignore errors on the only working 
>upstream server in your environment, consider using "server ... 
>max_fails=0".  Alternatively, consider using fail_timeout which is 
>appropriate for your environment.
>Maxim Dounin
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