Can you migrate a web app available via '/' to a proxied sub-URI without modifying the web app?

deoren nginx-users-list at
Thu May 11 03:31:07 UTC 2017

Michael, itpp2012, Francis,

My apologies for the terribly short reply, but I wanted to go ahead and 
reply back and thank you for the detailed responses. I've looked over 
them briefly and plan to go back over them in detail soon.

The takeaway appears to be that the best results come from a web 
application that is both aware of being called from a sub-URI and 
provides sufficient "hooks" to easily keep generated requests within the 
desired sub-URI.

The tip re using the request url as a map variable is an interesting 
one. I've used the map directive before, but it is a weak spot for me. 
I'll do additional research in that direction.

Many thanks again to all of you for taking the time to respond to my 

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