why reuseport don't increases throughoutput?

fengx nginx-forum at forum.nginx.org
Wed May 17 11:58:29 UTC 2017


It shows the new feature reusport from v1.9.1 can increase the QPS by 2-3
times than accept_mutex on and off in this article
https://www.nginx.com/blog/socket-sharding-nginx-release-1-9-1/.  But the
result is disappointed when we have the test in our production with
V1.11.2.2. It don't even have the improvement but reduced, by 10%, dropped
from 42K QPS(with accept_mutex off) to 38K QPS(with reuseport enabled). and
it indeed reduce the latency. The two test cases have anything identicial
except that the later have reuseport enabled.  I wonder if I have missed
some special configuration. 


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