why reuseport don't increases throughoutput?

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Tue May 23 02:09:22 UTC 2017


Just as the article
<https://www.nginx.com/blog/socket-sharding-nginx-release-1-9-1/> says,

it can also mean that when a worker is stalled by a blocking operation, the
block affects not only connections that the worker has already accepted,
but also connection requests that the kernel has assigned to the worker
since it became blocked.

Is there such a possibility that some blocking operations in your
production result in the dropping of QPS?

On 17 May 2017 at 19:58:37, fengx (nginx-forum at forum.nginx.org) wrote:


It shows the new feature reusport from v1.9.1 can increase the QPS by 2-3
times than accept_mutex on and off in this article
https://www.nginx.com/blog/socket-sharding-nginx-release-1-9-1/. But the
result is disappointed when we have the test in our production with
V1.11.2.2. It don't even have the improvement but reduced, by 10%, dropped
from 42K QPS(with accept_mutex off) to 38K QPS(with reuseport enabled). and
it indeed reduce the latency. The two test cases have anything identicial
except that the later have reuseport enabled. I wonder if I have missed
some special configuration.


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