Multiple Cache Manager Processes or Threads

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Thu Nov 30 17:20:19 UTC 2017


I have an issue with the cache manager and the way I use it.
When I configure 2 different caches zones, one very huge and one very fast,
the cache manager can't delete files quickly enough and lead to a partition

For example:
proxy_cache_path /mnt/hdd/cache levels=1:2:2 keys_zone=cache_hdd:40g
max_size=40000g inactive=5d;
proxy_cache_path /mnt/ram/cache levels=1:2   keys_zone=cache_ram:300m
max_size=300g inactive=1h;

On the beginning, ram cache is correctly purge around 40GB (+/- Input
bandwidth*10sec) , but when the hdd cache begins to fill up, ram cache
growing over 50GB. I think the cache manager is stuck by the slowness of the
filesystem / hardware.

I can fix this by using 2 nginx on the same machine, one configured as ram
cache, the other as hdd cache; but I wonder if it would be possible to
create a cache manager process for each proxy_cache_path directive.

Thank in advance.

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