Using map directive for multiple virtual hosts

Francis Daly francis at
Mon Oct 2 23:40:01 UTC 2017

On Tue, Oct 03, 2017 at 05:28:28AM +1000, Nikolai Lusan wrote:

Hi there,

>    I have a requirement to rewrite incoming URL requests for multiple
> virtual hosts, each with a unique (possibly overlapping) set of incoming
> requests. We have each vhost in a server block, but since the map directive
> lives in the http block I think that the behaviour we are currently seeing
> is a result of having multiple map declarations not working - currently the
> first virtual host with a configured map is working as expected, subsequent
> maps are just returning the default. 

What request do you make?

What response do you get?

What response do you want instead?

> So the configuration looks something like this (these are abbreviated
> examples with all the php processing stuff pulled out of it)

I think you may have abbreviated these a bit too much. You never try to
use $new_uri_site1 or $new_uri_site2.

> /etc/nginx/our-sites/
> map $request_uri $new_uri_site1 {
> 	/store/product1 /store/new_products;
> 	/contact/us /contact/about;
> 	/services/consulting /contact/consulting;
> }

> Apart from moving the map directives inside each relevant server block as
> rewrite rules does anyone know of a working solution for this situation?

map does not go inside server{}.

Can you give a specific example of a response from nginx that is not
what you want?

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