Info messages in the log: Connection reset by peer) while sending to client nginx-forum at
Tue Oct 3 04:47:53 UTC 2017


I had an upstream defined in my config with keepalive 60. But the server is
a legacy one and does not handle keep alive properly. 

So I removed the keepalive attribute and the errors I was seeing on the
client from the upstream went away.

But now I see a ton these info log lines:

2017/10/03 04:37:51 [info] 1933#0: *6091340 recv() failed (104: Connection
reset by peer) while sending to client, client:, server:
kong, request: "POST
/public-api/v1/fs/Shared/functional_tests_2017_10_03_06_37_49_068 HTTP/1.1",
host: ""

I dont see any functional errors in our system, and the info log seems
harmless, but I was still curious to understand what this means and if it
has any side effects at scale.

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