Multiple upstream_cache_status headers in response in a dual-cache configuration

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Fri Oct 6 12:26:19 UTC 2017


Thank you Maxim and Reinis for your replies. I verified that when the
response from backend-hdd-cache gets cached in the front-end ssd-cache, the
response includes the X-Upstream-Server-Cache-Status header added from the
hdd-cache-upstream.Hence, I am seeing two headers in a response served by my
ssd-cache - one from the cached file, and one added by the front-end-proxy.

Yes, by adding proxy_hide_header, I was able to avoid the second header in
the response to client.

One more question: Is there any mechanism to avoid or exclude the
X-Upstream-Server-Cache-Status header (or in general, any specific headers)
from being added in the metadata header of the cached file? 


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