Secure connection failed on Firefox

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Fri Oct 6 15:40:46 UTC 2017

I'm currently testing nginx 1.13.6 x64 on my development machine, which is
Windows 10 1703 x64, and sometimes I got a "Secure connection failed" error
on Firefox (55.x and 56). If I hit the reload button (F5) repeatedly, the
page will eventually load.

Dev tools shows: 200 OK, size 0, and transferred -. nginx debug log doesn't
show anything weird.

Things that I observed:
1. 1.13.5 works fine
2. Chrome on Android works fine

I've tested 5a3ab1b5804b, 46ddff109e72, and 924b6ef942bf and they have the
same problem.

Configuration is pretty much default with HTTPS and HTTP/2 server blocks.


Joseph Aditya P. G.

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