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Sat Oct 7 16:27:33 UTC 2017

Maxim Dounin Wrote:
> Hello!
> The message suggests that the file in question was non-atomically 
> modified while being served.  It is expected that such a 
> modification will lead to a fatal error if nginx will be able to 
> detect the problem.  If it won't, likely the client will get a 
> garbage with a mix of original and new contents of the file.
> The only safe approach is to modify files atomically, that is, 
> create a new file and then use mv (the rename() syscall) to move 
> it atomically to the appropriate place.  It might not be trivial 
> or even possible to do this correctly on Windows though[1].
> Additionally, it looks like you are using open_file_cache.  It is 
> actually a very bad idea if you modify files in-place, as it 
> greatly expands the race window between opening and stat()'ing the 
> file and serving its contents.  Remove open_file_cache from the 
> configuration unless you are sure all file modifications are 
> atomic.
> [1]
> th-overwrite-possible-on-windows
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Thanks, Maxim. I removed it and the problem disappears.


Joseph Aditya P. G.

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