E3-1240 with 32GB Ram - Unable to set the optimal value for the server

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Mon Oct 16 19:55:48 UTC 2017


Thank you for your reply.

This is a live server.
It is an NPO (non profit organisation).
I pay for the server and maintaining it. We cant afford to a admin.
It will be a great help if you can solve this.

People are visiting for registering complains and viewing our activity.
all php pages are connected with mysql.

I try my best to learn about server. But it seems difficult to me.
I will work on your questions now and let you know.

"Do you realize that your PHP process is configured to die after serving 800
(now 2500) 
requests and then needs to be restarted?"

Is this bad or good?
How many php process are there?

Thanks again

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