Performance issue of "ngx_http_mirror_module"

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Dear Roman,

Thanks for your valuable response.
So ,is that means, If we optimize the parameter of the keep-alive to avoid keep-alive connection ? then we can avoid this kind of performance issue ?
Or if the mirror subrequest is slow than original subrequest, then we can't avoid this kind of performance issue ? Thanks in advance.


Yuan Man
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At 2017-10-26 20:22:13, "Roman Arutyunyan" <arut at> wrote:
>On Thu, Oct 26, 2017 at 03:15:02PM +0800, 安格 wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> I have faced a issue with Nginx "ngx_http_mirror_module" mirror function. want to discuss with you about this.
>> The situation is like below:
>> While I try to copy the request form original to mirror side, if the original application can process 600 request per seconds, but the mirror environment can only process 100 requests per seconds. Normally, even the mirror environment can't process all the request in time. it's should not impact the nginx forward the request to the original environment. But we observed if the mirror environment can't process all the request, then the Nginx will fall in issue , and original environment can't feedback process result to client in time. Then from client side, it seems the Nginx is down. If you have faced same issue before ? any suggestion  ?
>A mirror request is executed in parallel with the main request and does not
>directly affect the main request execution time.  However, if you send another
>request on the same client connection, it will not be processed until the
>previous request and all its subrequest (including mirror subrequests) finish.
>So if you use keep-alive client connections and your mirror subrequests are
>slow, you may experience some performance issues.
>Roman Arutyunyan
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