nginx cache growing well above max_size threshold

Lucas Rolff lucas at
Thu Sep 14 16:34:09 UTC 2017

Hi guys,

I have a minor question, so I have an nginx box using proxy_cache, it has a key zone of 40 gigabyte (so it can cache 320 million files), a max_size of 1500 gigabyte for the cache and the inactive set to 30 days.

However we experience that nginx goes well above the defined limit - in our case the max size is 1500 gigabyte, but the cache directory takes goes well above 1700 gigabyte.

There's a total of 42.000.000 files currently on the system, meaning the average filesize is about 43 kilobyte.

Normally I know that nginx can go slightly above the limit, until the cache manager purges the files, but it stays at about 1700 gigabyte constantly unless we manually clear out the size.

I see there's a change in 1.13.1 that ignores long locked cache entries, is it possible that this bugfix actually fixes above issue?

Upgrading is rather time consuming and we have to ensure nginx versions across the platform, so I wonder if anyone has some pointers if the above bugfix would maybe solve our issue. (currently the custom nginx version is based on nginx 1.10.3).

Best Regards,
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