nginx cache growing well above max_size threshold

Lucas Rolff lucas at
Thu Sep 14 17:09:14 UTC 2017

Okay cool, I'll give it a try

In our case we do not run http2 on the machines since haproxy runs in front as well (which doesn't support http2)

I'll also try enable a bit more verbose logging on one of the machines to see what the logs say

Thanks a lot Maxim!

Best regards,
Lucas Rolff

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On Thu, Sep 14, 2017 at 04:34:09PM +0000, Lucas Rolff wrote:

> I have a minor question, so I have an nginx box using
> proxy_cache, it has a key zone of 40 gigabyte (so it can cache
> 320 million files), a max_size of 1500 gigabyte for the cache
> and the inactive set to 30 days.
> However we experience that nginx goes well above the defined
> limit - in our case the max size is 1500 gigabyte, but the cache
> directory takes goes well above 1700 gigabyte.
> There's a total of 42.000.000 files currently on the system,
> meaning the average filesize is about 43 kilobyte.
> Normally I know that nginx can go slightly above the limit,
> until the cache manager purges the files, but it stays at about
> 1700 gigabyte constantly unless we manually clear out the size.
> I see there's a change in 1.13.1 that ignores long locked cache
> entries, is it possible that this bugfix actually fixes above
> issue?
> Upgrading is rather time consuming and we have to ensure nginx
> versions across the platform, so I wonder if anyone has some
> pointers if the above bugfix would maybe solve our issue.
> (currently the custom nginx version is based on nginx 1.10.3).


This behaviour indicate there is a problem somewhere, likely
socket leaks or process crashes.  Reports suggests it might be
related to HTTP/2.  The change in 1.13.1 don't fix the root cause,
but will allow nginx to keep cache under max_size regardless of
the problem.

Maxim Dounin
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