Wordpress multisite + SSL

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Fri Apr 6 18:56:34 UTC 2018

On 06.04.2018 20:17, Giulio Loffreda wrote:
> Hi
> I created one separated file for while (as we have just one customer
> under ssl) and placed this file on sites-enable. So it is being loaded
> at top of nginx configuration.
> Then I have another conf file to handle 443 requests.
> The aim is to have one certificate for each customer, as customer may
> want or already have their own certificate.

Then you need different server block's. the certificates are loaded at
start, so you can't load them dynamically.

in short:
1 server block -> certificate with n domains
n server block -> certificate with 1 domain

ssl_certificate* must be inside serverblock

> But you gave me a good idea to have a SAN certificate, I don’t know if
> it will work for all situations thought.
> Is my aim possible ?

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