Monitoring http returns

Jeff Abrahamson jeff at
Wed Apr 11 04:19:57 UTC 2018

I want to monitor nginx better: http returns (e.g., how many 500's, how
many 404's, how many 200's, etc.), as well as request rates, response
times, etc.  All the solutions I've found start with "set up something
to watch and parse your logs, then ..."

Here's one of the better examples of that:

Perhaps I'm wrong to find this curious.  It seems somewhat heavy and
inefficient to put this functionality into log watching, which means
another service and being sensitive to an eventual change in log format.

Is this, indeed, the recommended solution?

And, for my better understanding, can anyone explain why this makes more
sense than native nginx support of sending UDP packets to a monitor
collector (in our case, telegraf)?


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