Nginx not respecting locations execution ordering

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Tue Apr 17 22:35:23 UTC 2018

Thank you for the help :)

A new dilemma has occurred from this.

I add a location like so.

location ^~/media/files/ {
add_header X-Location-Order First;
location ~ \.mp4$ {
add_header X-Location-MP4 Served-from-MP4-location;
location ~*
add_header X-Location-Order Second;

How can i make it so my MP4 location is not overridden by the
^~/media/files/ location.

I would like the responses to be like this.

URL : domain_name_dot_com/media/files/image.jpg
Header response is X-Location-Order: First

URL : domain_name_dot_com/media/files/video.mp4
Header response is X-Location-MP4: Served-from-MP4-location

URL : domain_name_dot_com/media/files/other.css
Header response is X-Location-Order: Second

How can I achieve that is it possible to have a location inside a location ?

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