nginx, php7.0-fpm and laravel, not able to set it up when the url has a prefix which the server doesn't have

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Wed Aug 8 08:29:57 UTC 2018

Thanks for replying.
I have 3 containers, one with nginx, another 2 containers with php-fpm on
them. Both php-fpm are sharing a volume mounted from local system, but on
separate paths. The php-fpm container files are serving as api webservices.
Both are having different set of files, but the path is the same. ie, the
php files will be on this path: /home/apps/apis.

Now lets the the name of the containers are nginx_wb, php_wbv1.0, php_wbv1.1

If the nginx receives the request for
It forwards the requests to the php_wbv1.0 container with the url

if the nginx receives the request for
It forwards the request to the php_wbv1.1 container with the url //Notice there is no v11 in the path.

This is what I wanted, although now its working fine, I wanted to use the
rewrite mechanism to do this, instead of hardcoding the SCRIPT_FILENAME.


On Tue, Aug 7, 2018 at 4:59 PM Reinis Rozitis <r at> wrote:

> > Hello,
> > Thanks for that input, I changed my config like you said and also set
> the fastcgi_param SCRIPT_FILENAME to /path/to/the/index.php;
> > But I feel like this should be done by the rewrite directive instead of
> this way. Now that this is working, can someone please tell me if I can use
> the rewrite tag so that I can avoid
> > hardcoding the path everywhere?
> Well you didn't specify the actual rewrite.
> Also from the initial mail the actual setup is a bit unclear - if the
> docker is only running php-fpm (and the nginx is on host) or both nginx and
> php are inside docker, but I assume it's the first.
> As an idea - while you can mangle/rewrite the root/path in the nginx
> config, when configuring wordpress (+php-fpm) to run inside a docker
> container I found more easy just to set the container volume to have the
> same path (mount point) as the host server. So while isolated, both (nginx
> on host and php inside container) have identical directory tree.
> rr
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