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Mon Aug 20 20:10:19 UTC 2018

Francis Daly Wrote:

> In this case, it looks to me that you can probably "return" rather
> than
> "rewrite", since everything should probably be a http redirect.
> non-Mediawiki URL

> [...] Except I would have the config be not a lot more than
>   location = /wiki/index.php { return 301
>$my_static_wiki; }
>   map $arg_title $my_static_wiki {
>     default ""; # or whatever
>     en/Main_Page MainPage;
>     Glossary Glossary;
>     Category:Troubleshooting Troubleshooting;
>   }
> Make that map ( be as big as you like. And you
> can
> "include" an external file if you find that easier.

> Good luck with it,

Hello Francis -- thank you very much, that worked perfectly.

The length of the `map` list meant I had to increase `map_hash_bucket_size`
to `128`, but everything works as you described.

with very best regards, and my heartfelt thanks;


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