How to use nginx dynamic module when proxying connections to application servers

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Tue Dec 11 07:32:32 UTC 2018

I developed a Nginx dynamic module and did required configuration in
nginx.conf. Able to run that module and see it doing processing. This module
reads request request header, cookies etc., does some business logic
execution and modify response header then send back response to client.

Problem -: "How to use nginx module when proxying connections to application
I'm be using Nginx as proxy server and Tomcat or Node as application server
and my application hosted on app server. I'm able to route the request
through both web & app server and get response back but module isn't getting
invoked. Not sure how to link/configure it so that my able to intercept
request and modify response header as per need.

Browser <-> Web Server (module sits here) <-> Application Server

Has anybody explored this part? If yes then please help. Let me know if more
detail needed.

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