how do I run multiple https web sites on a single IP address

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Wed Jan 3 19:23:32 UTC 2018

>Are you sure that a tool you're using to check supports SNI?

>wbr, Valentin V. Bartenev

What tool you're talking about? this error show in browser.

>Do you have four separate ssl certificate files, each of which is valid
>for a single server name?

>Or do you have one ssl certificate file which is valid for multiple
server names?

I'm not sure why you mean but i have two cert files. Each cert have a valid
common name to use non www and www

>One guess - is there any chance that the contents of the ssl_certificate
f>ile that applies in the server{} block is actually the
> certificate? (Probably not, because the IPv6 connection should
>be using the same ssl_certificate, and no error was reported there.) is just a block only do redirect that all. Is what i put in
initial thread.

server { 
listen 443 ssl http2; 
listen [::3]:443 ssl http2; 
return 301 https://www.$server_name$request_uri; 

This is the full config of this block.

>Or, to rule out any strange IPv4/IPv6 interaction -- do you see the same
>behaviour when you remove all of the IPv6 config?

Same problem with or without IPv6.

I just notice when i disable IPv6 and only access via IPv4 do something

When i visit i got the same error (
certificate) and chrome or whatever browser say me if i want to continue and
when i click to continue redirect me to (is what i want to
do and work with and with IPv6). I'm not sure why
first check and then use server block.

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