proxy protocol over a plain tcp with ssl

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Thu Jan 11 18:21:31 UTC 2018

Hi Roman,
I'm trying to pass the proxy protocol to my backend through Nginx when the
traffic is encrypted

This configuration block
listen 8012;
proxy_pass backend;
proxy_protocol on;

allows me to pass a non encrypted traffic and the proxy protocol

This configuration block:
listen 8012 proxy_protocol ssl;
proxy_pass backend;

allows me to pass encrypted traffic to my backend but the proxy protocol is
not passed

This configuration block:
listen 8012 ssl;
proxy_pass backend;
proxy_protocol on;

fails on SSL handshake

The last configuration block was my first attempt and I expected it to
The first two are debug attempts.
If you can tell my why the last one doesn't work and how can it be fixed it
will help a lot

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