How to correctly dedicate server processes to specific CPU cores?

Raffael Vogler raffael.vogler at
Fri Jan 12 14:21:44 UTC 2018

I have 16 cores (0 to 15) and the most active processes are:

- nginx
- php-fpm
- eth0-TxRx-0 (paired Tx and Rx queues #1)
- eth0-TxRx-1 (paired Tx and Rx queues #2)

eth0-TxRx-0 is already dedicated to core #5 and eth0-TxRx-1 to core #6.

But on those two cores are also nginx and php-fpm processes being executed.

Now I would like o restrict nginx and php-fpm to cores 0-4 and 7-15.

I would like to confirm that this can be correctly achieved with:

taskset -c 0-4,7-15 nginx
taskset -c 0-4,7-15 php-fpm

Is that a safe and sound approach?
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