Operation not permitted) while reading upstream - error log is filled with tons of these

Aziz Rozyev arozyev at nginx.com
Sat Jan 20 13:26:37 UTC 2018

As usual, try disabling selinux if it’s active. If that helps, investigate audit log..


> On 20 Jan 2018, at 15:47, Friscia, Michael <michael.friscia at yale.edu> wrote:
> I’m stumped and have exhausted pretty much every google search I could come up with on this. I have NGINX setup for caching. I’m using Ubuntu 17.10 and Nginx 1.12.1. Everything appears to be working just fine by the error log is getting filled with errors like this
> 2018/01/20 07:37:44 [crit] 122598#122598: *91 chmod() "/etc/nginx/cache/nginx2/main/a5/d8/e0/72677057b97aef4eee8e619c49e0d8a5.0000000013" failed (1: Operation not permitted) while reading upstream, client:, server: *.---.com, request: "GET /search/----.profile HTTP/1.1", upstream: "http://---.---.---.---:80/search/----.profile", host: "---.com"
> From what I can tell, everything is working. Nginx must have permission, I deleted the cache folder and let it make on restart.
> The actual setup is that this is on Azure, the storage location /etc/nginx/cache/nginx2 is a mounted file share from Azure storage. I then created the folder /main/ inside that, this is the folder I deleted and on restart nginx created. Which makes me think that there is no permission problem but instead some other underlying problem that is throwing this false error. The cache gzip files are being made and the folder path for 2:2:2 is being created.
> Has anyone seen/solved this before?
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