Client certificates don't work with Internet Explorer and Edge

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Fri Jan 26 14:49:03 UTC 2018

Hi Guys,

I'm in the process of moving an old Apache2 server to nginx 1.13. One site
we have uses SSL Client Certificates. They are being requested by the
webserver and the browser supplies these.

Everything seems to work on my Mac with Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Now on Windows all those browsers work too. Only Internet Explorer and Edge
don't. Both browsers ask the user which client cert to use, I select the
same one as I did with Chrome etc. but it doesn't seem to send them to

When adding some more logging params to nginx (like $ssl_client_serial) I
see that no serial is being forwarded on IE/Edge but it is being
forwarderdfor all other browsers, both on Mac and Windows 10.

Does anyone have any clue as of why? I've been Googling for hours but to no
avail. Also tried nginx 1.10, no change.

The relevant part of my config can be found here:



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