proxy_cache_background_update leads to 200 ms delay

Lucas Rolff lucas at
Sat Jul 7 14:42:13 UTC 2018

It's not a combination of tcp_nopush and proxy_cache_background_update that creates this delay.

tcp_nopush (TCP_CORK in Linux) introduces a delay of packets being sent for up to 200ms or until the packet size gets to the defined MTU.

proxy_cache_background_update (if I remember correctly), will do the common checks at the origin to check if a file changed, since this request performed is (often) less than the MTU, you'll end up having to wait for the 200ms delay.

So disabling tcp_nopush also disables the 200ms delay.

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    Wow, thats it! The delay is gone.
    For now I am satisfied that the delay is gone and will read up some more on
    For the future: Is there any information on why the combination of
    tcp_nopush and proxy_cache_background_update create the delay and not the
    STALE response you get when the backend ist down and
    proxy_cache_background_update is off?
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