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Fri Jul 20 11:10:25 UTC 2018

I have a regex that works in an online tool but when I put this into my configuration file it is not working.

The problem is that I want all URLs that start with /info to be redirected with the exception of one unfortunately named PDF file. This regex tests perfectly in an online tool
which shows that anything /information /info and /info/ all redirect and this will not /informationforFamiliesAlliesPacket_298781_284_5_v1.pdf
But when I put this into action, the PDF requests are still being redirected like any other /info call made.

I use a config file with a number of redirects so the full location block is simply:
location ~* ^/info(\/)?(?!\.pdf)      {          return 301; }

My thought process was to still redirect unless “.pdf” existed in the URL just in case we upload more “info….pdf” documents into the system, I didn’t want to make this exception too specific.

Any thoughts on this would be great, my regex skills are good enough most of the time but failing me right now.

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