thread_pool in Windows

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Sun Mar 4 03:27:21 UTC 2018


I am running Nginx as a proxy for a single-threaded server (Shiny R) in
Windows;both the proxy and the server are located on the same machine. There
are delays due to timeout errors:
    "upstream timed out: A connection attempt failed because the connected
party did not properly respond after a period of time, request: "GET
/shared/jquery.min.js HTTP/1.1""
(and similar for other js and css files).

This can probably be solved with 'location alias'. But this is tedious,
since the required files are spread out in R/Lib subdirectories.

The proper fix seems to be by restricting thread_pool with
   thread_pool io_pool threads=1;
and a corresponding directive under 'location'
   aio threads=io_pool;
However, Nginx reports: unknown directive "thread_pool". 

Is there a way to have 'thread_pool' supported in Windows?

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