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Grzegorz Kulewski gk at
Tue Mar 6 10:10:55 UTC 2018

W dniu 06.03.2018 o 09:24, Maxim Konovalov pisze:
> Hi Grzegorz,
> [..]
>>>> 3. I think that $tcpinfo_* aren't supported in stream. Is
>>>> there any reason for this?
>>> There's a number of http module features still missing in
>>> stream. This is one of them.
>> I can offer virtual (and real if in Poland) beer for adding this.
>> :)
> Just wonder, how do you use this info in http?  Is it useful for you?


We are using it mainly as an aid in debugging since we have sometimes clients with *very* poor internet connection (for example from Africa).

Also we are considering to use it to detect extremely badly GeoDNS routed clients and maybe as a test platform for clients to aid our further GeoDNS decissions.

I think this feature is not a silver bullet that solves all the problems but it can be usefull in some cases and should be easy to add to stream in nginx and to any other program.

Grzegorz Kulewski

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