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Wed Mar 7 08:24:18 UTC 2018

I'm running centos 6 and installed nginx using 'yum install nginx'. Videos
are not working and I don't know whether I have the rtmp module or not. Here
is the text from the yum install:

 collectd-nginx                             x86_64               
4.10.9-4.el6                         epel                         14 k
 munin-nginx                                noarch               
2.0.33-1.el6                         epel                         26 k
 nginx                                      x86_64               
1.10.2-1.el6                         epel                        462 k
 nginx-all-modules                          noarch               
1.10.2-1.el6                         epel                        7.7 k
 nginx-filesystem                           noarch               
1.10.2-1.el6                         epel                        8.5 k

It says 'nginx-all-modules'  on the 4th line but no other clue. Is there a
way to tell if I have the rtmp module? If I don't have it is there a way to
install it?

extra info: I did previously install nginx using the nginx-1.13.9.tar.gz
tarball and also installed the nginx rtmp module from the git clone and it
worked but i couldn't get nginx to work with multiple domains using that
install. Should I go back to the tarball install? or is there a way to get
rtmp working with my current 'yum' install? Thanks for any help.

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