proxy_pass and trailing / decode uri

max maxima078 at
Thu Mar 8 21:34:36 UTC 2018


Sorry if it was already asked but I'd like to know if the only way to
prevent Nginx from decoding uri while using proxy_pass is:

Here is my (simplified) conf:

server {

    location / {


    location /api {


Location "/" is perfectly working. My problem is that "/api" location will
decode special character.
To illustrate my problem:
=> HTTP 200*api*/resource1.png
=> HTTP 200
=> HTTP 200*api*/resource1+2.png
=> HTTP 404 2.png
=> HTTP 200*api*/resource1 2.png
=> HTTP 404

I would like to know how to make my "/api" location respond like "/"
without decoding %?
This solution seems to be
just a workaround.

Thanks for any hints !

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