proxy_pass and trailing / decode uri

max maxima078 at
Mon Mar 12 08:55:15 UTC 2018


When you want nginx to replace matching part of the URI with "/",
> it will do so on the decoded/normalized URI, and will re-encode
> special characters in what's left.
> If you want nginx to preserve original URI as sent by the client,
> consider using proxy_pass without the URI part.  That is,
> instead of
>     proxy_pass;
> use
>     proxy_pass;
> Note no trailing "/".  This way the original URI as sent by the
> client will be preserved without any modifications.

Thank you for your answer but it is not correct for location different than
'/'. With your proposal, targeting, socket
on port 82 receives: /api/foo/bar. I guess the only way to remove the /api
part is "rewrite" and involves re-encoding...

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