$upstream_cache_status output definitions

Friscia, Michael michael.friscia at yale.edu
Wed Mar 14 16:07:22 UTC 2018

I read this in the documentation

keeps the status of accessing a response cache (0.8.3). The status can be either “MISS”, “BYPASS”, “EXPIRED”, “STALE”, “UPDATING”, “REVALIDATED”, or “HIT”.

But I’m sort of at a loss as to what the meanings are, specifically what is Hit and Miss? The only two I really understand are Stale and Bypass. Does Hit mean it hit the upstream server or that it hit the cached copy? I’m basically trying to map these to determine whether a cache copy was served or if a fresh copy was pulled from the upstream server because I am getting some mixed results compared to my settings and realized I might be using incorrect definitions for each status.


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