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for those who don't follow nginx-devel at .

We also published a blog post on this topic


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Subject: [nginx] The gRPC proxy module.
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The gRPC proxy module.

The module allows passing requests to upstream gRPC servers. The
module is built by default as long as HTTP/2 support is compiled in.
Example configuration:


Alternatively, the "grpc://" scheme can be used:

    grpc_pass grpc://;

Keepalive support is available via the upstream keepalive module.
Note that keepalive connections won't currently work with grpc-go as
it fails to handle SETTINGS_HEADER_TABLE_SIZE.

To use with SSL:

    grpc_pass grpcs://;

SSL connections use ALPN "h2" when available.  At least grpc-go
works fine without ALPN, so if ALPN is not available we just
establish a connection without it.

Tested with grpc-c++ and grpc-go.

Maxim Konovalov

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