proxy_cache_key case sensitivity question

Friscia, Michael michael.friscia at
Fri Mar 23 11:28:34 UTC 2018

The question is if these are cached as different files

I’m assuming that both would be different cache locations since the md5 would be different on each but ideally these would be the same cached file to prevent dupes.

My question is about the proxy_cache_key, when that is generated, is it case sensitive? We ran a quick test and it seemed to be true that changing the case in the URL created a new/different version of the page. If our test was accurate and this is how it works, then is there a way to make it so that the key used to generate the MD5 always uses a lower case string?

One possible solution is to install the module that changes strings to lower/upper and then wrap that around the string used for the key. But before I go down that path, I wanted to find out if I would be wasting my time.

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