Nginx Rate limiting for HTTPS requests

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Mon May 21 13:55:20 UTC 2018

>>I'm pretty sure the problem is with your tests, not with nginx 
>>request rate limiting. Unfortunately, it is not possible to 
>>reproduce your tests and check what's going wrong as you are using 
>>proprietary software for tests.

>>As suggested previously, it might be a good idea to verify numbers 
>>using nginx access logs. Seeing numbers of requests per seconds 
>>should be as trivial as 

>>grep ' 200 ' /path/to/log | awk '{print $4}' | uniq -c

>>assuming default log format and only test requests in the log.

Hi Maxim,

Here is a piece of output for the following command as per our success
return value as 202.
grep ' 202 ' /path/to/log | awk '{print $4}' | uniq -c

    232 [17/May/2018:03:46:03
    171 [17/May/2018:03:46:04
    101 [17/May/2018:03:46:05
    124 [17/May/2018:03:46:06
    169 [17/May/2018:03:46:07
    105 [17/May/2018:03:46:08
      5 [17/May/2018:03:46:09
      1 [17/May/2018:03:46:08
    218 [17/May/2018:03:46:09
    104 [17/May/2018:03:46:10
    269 [17/May/2018:03:46:11
    130 [17/May/2018:03:46:12
     97 [17/May/2018:03:46:13
     96 [17/May/2018:03:46:14
    124 [17/May/2018:03:46:15
    248 [17/May/2018:03:46:16
    237 [17/May/2018:03:46:17
    126 [17/May/2018:03:46:18

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