Listen on transient address

Roger Fischer roger at
Thu Nov 15 19:59:31 UTC 2018


I have an NGINX instance that listens on a tunnel (and some other interfaces). When NGINX was restarted while the tunnel was down (tun device and address did not exist), NGINX failed to start.

[emerg] 1344#1344: bind() to failed (99: Cannot assign requested address)

Relevant config:

    listen default_server;
    listen default_server;   # tunnel, not always up

Is there a way to configure NGINX to listen “best effort”, still start even if it can’t bind to the address/port, and periodically retry to bind to the address/port? This would be my preferred solution.

Alternatively, if I pre-define the tunnel device and its address (I have not explored that yet), would NGINX bind successfully when the tunnel is down?



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