njs and subrequests

Antoine Bonavita antoine.bonavita at gmail.com
Sat Nov 17 14:06:12 UTC 2018


For a pet project of mine I'm trying to use njs to retrieve data from a
number of different sources (URLs really) and assemble them into one single
response. I tried to implement a proof of concept using subrequest (from
ngx_http_js_module) to do so. I quickly realized that it works only for
internal subrequests (i.e. not to external servers).

I worked around this with the following location:
    location = /fwd-proxy {
        proxy_pass $arg_tgt;

We all know nginx is not really a forward proxy and this approach does not
seem very nice for the long term.

So, I have a few cascading questions:
1 - Is there any plan to have subrequest from ngx_http_js_module support
external URLs ?
2 - If answer to 1 is no, is there any plan to have another official js
module implement it ?
3 - If no, what would make most sense: implement it as a 3rd-party module
or completely move to something different (nginx Unit with Node.js comes to
mind) ? And why one rather than the other ?

Thank you for reading so far and evne more thanks if you are kind enough to
hit the reply button.

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