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Mon Oct 8 15:21:08 UTC 2018

I want to do a successful auth, which I can, and then after the successful
auth be reverse proxied to the specified web server, not a simple 302
redirect, but actual reverse proxy. When I replace the hello world line
with a get, I just get blank white screen. I can curl -i and get a 200. I
can also reverse proxy without the auth and have it work.

What I need to figure out is how do I do the reverse proxy to a web server
on a different machine and send the user there via reverse proxy after a
successful auth.


On Mon, Oct 8, 2018, 7:07 AM Francis Daly <francis at> wrote:

> On Sun, Oct 07, 2018 at 06:54:54AM -0700, Brian Whalen wrote:
> Hi there,
> > In summary I am trying to reverse proxy a group of windows web servers,
> > where there is a # in the url. I have it mostly working except this.
> I'm afraid I still don't fully understand what specific problem you
> are reporting.
> However, from later in your mail, it appears that the # may not be
> fully relevant.
> > I dont think the hash is the whole problem though, since if I try
> > to load some other page after the successful auth it also fails.
> Can you show one specific request that you make, and show the response
> that you get, and indicate how it is different from the response that you
> want? That might make it possible for someone else to repeat the issue,
> which might make it easier to identify the solution.
> > I know also that If I just do a straight proxy_pass to the url without
> the
> > ldap auth and then type in nginxserver/path#/with/pound that works.
> Can you describe that in terms of http requests, perhaps made using the
> "curl" command line client?
> If you look in the access logs of nginx and the upstream for these
> requests, do you see the # character appearing at all?
> Good luck with it,
>         f
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