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Does NGINX covers following Dynamic Reverse proxy features ?

Like existing NGINX reverse proxy should not undergo any changes 
new NGINX Reverse Proxy should not be created

For following 1 & 2 scenarios 
1. Cases where new back end services is deployed with new location and new
proxy_pass which did not exists in current configuration of NGINX Reverse
2. If new Domain added to back end services,  then also will the reverse
proxy be dynamic , without requiring any changes ?

Overall how to design the NGINX Reverse proxy hence any of listed above (1
and 2) listed changes can be absorbed dynamically, hence future changes are
absorbed in existing dynamic Reverse proxy ? If such samples are available,
please let me know URL or details of syntax on same

Based on product understanding few of Dynamic Reverse proxies’ behavior are
A.If a domain name resolves to several known addresses, all of them will be
used in a round-robin fashion
B.. Forcing SSL/TLS
C. Example use cases are when your website’s domain name has changed, when
you want clients to use a canonical URL format (either with or without the
www prefix), and when you want to catch and correct common misspellings of
your domain name.
D. To inform clients that the resource they’re requesting now resides at a
different location.

Is the Dynamic Reverse Proxy is limited to  A and B and C and C does not
cover 1 and 2

If so do we have examples for scenario 1 and 2 to design changes in Reverse
proxy for future ?

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