Please DO NOT add [nginx] to subject

Ralph Seichter m16+nginx at
Sun Oct 14 21:57:25 UTC 2018

On 14.10.18 21:14, Stefan Müller wrote:

> getting a separate email per mailing list gets messy, as there are to
> many.

It does not get messy at all. I have been using mailing lists since the
1980s, and if you're having trouble you are simply not doing it right.

I already explained that you can use mail address extensions with your
existing GMail address, but I can repeat: Subscribe to this mailing list
as stefan.mueller.83+nginx at and you're done. Add a GMail rule
"Set label nginx, skip Inbox" if you like. Dovecot can use extensions to
deliver into folders automatically.

I think that trying to make the list owners solve *your* issues is a sad
thing to do. Use labels or folders, that's what they are for. Ideally,
use List-xyz headers, because that's the reason they exist.


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